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I loved the lemongrass so far. Smell so nice n refreshing. Would love to try the soap bar next

Forest Brick
David K.
Best soap I have ever used in my 58 years

The fragrance, quality, and emollience of this product is the best ever! So worth the money.

Tangerine Dream Bar
Diana Bombiella

Tangerine Dream Bar

Great product

I bought one of these 8 years ago. It's used by children daily and still works beautifully.

Forest Brick
Janet Helm
Best soap, ever!

I have tried so many bath products over my life (63 years!) and this is the best. I even take this with when I travel. I'm hooked!

Wonderful smelling!

Love Oregon Soap Company. We have been buying from them for many years to include body bars, hair shampoo bars and liquid soap with foaming dipensers. Love all these items and the wonderful scents.

Best soap ever!!!

Love the lemony scent…it just smells so pure lemon!!

Smells great!

Rosemary Lavender, great aroma and washes well. What more can I say? Love all Oregon Soap Company soaps for a few years now.

LOVE this soap

I love the scent of the Tea Tree and Lavender soap and my hands feel great after using - not dry at all!

Stock up!

Lovely soap - great to have it available for refills!

I have been using your soaps for many years now. My last purchase was to restock my own supply and also gift six bars each two my two sisters visiting from out of town and love the soap.

I have been buying your soaps for many years now. I first discovered them at the Portland Saturday market. My sisters from out of town were visiting and loved the soap so I sent them each a gift package of six bars.

Tangerine Dream Bar
Carrie Taylor

Tangerine Dream Bar

Citrus Sunshine Foaming
Sharie Chickering
Terrific Foaming Soap

This is my favorite scent of the foaming soaps. I buy it by the gallon and just put into my glass foaming hand dispensers. It works like a gem. I have been buying this for years from Oregon Soap Company and will continue to do so. The soap foams nicely and the smell is very mild. It cleans the hands well and leaves no residue. I love it and will continue to buy in gallon form as long as it is offered. Thank you.

Aloe Baby Brick
Sharie Chickering
Love this Bar Soap

I have been using this bar soap for years and continue to order bricks of it, usually 2 at a time, which I then immediately cut up and store in a cool place in a plastic bag. This is soft on the skin, does not have a strong smell, and it makes your skin feel soft all over. I will continue to keep buying this bar forever. I love it.

good soap

Smells good, easy on the skin

Clary Sage & Fir Foaming

Anise Brick
Mike P
My favorite

This is just about the best darn soap. I never review, but… it’s just so good. I wish there was a liquid anise soap.

I have never known a soap like this.

I simply adore Soapman’s Spice, and hope to be using it for many years to come! Wonderful scent and a perfect little bit of exfoliation.

Forest Bar
Nathan Heyer
All time favorite soap!

My personal all time favorite soap! Been buying it for years! Great smelling and always nice clean non dried out skin after use!

Excellent shampoo bar!!

Great shampoo for the people who like good clean smelling hair and no plastic bottles!

Assorted Scraps (1 lb)
Gary O'Connell

I have yet to use this product.

Good Soap

The only reason I did not give 5 stars is because the label is on the wrong side of the bottle. If I turn it so the front is facing me, the pump is facing away. I have taken the pump out and tried to reposition it, but it always ends up backward. Minor, but yet annoying.

PNW Lavender is my bedroom soap

I love using this for my bedroom soap because the smell is so soothing and calming. It really puts me in a dreamy and relaxing state every time I use it when I wake up during the night (which is a lot!).

Citrus Sunshine is just like it sounds!

This soap is one of my favorites of theirs (my favorite is Oregon Double Mint). The citrus smell is perfect and not overpowering like some citrus soaps are. It feels great on my hands and rinses off completely, which I really like. Some soaps don't rinse off well from my hands after using them and that feels kind of funky when I'm trying to try them off. Oregon soap company soaps don't do that. Just one of the many things I love about this company!