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Aloe Baby Wash Foaming

So Gentle!

I really love this bar! The mild fragrance and gentle suds are the best.

Great fragrance

I really like this line of soap and mint is my favorite because of it’s fresh minty smell. So happy to have found Oregan Soaps, so much easier on my hands

Everything is great

Wonderful product, fast shipping! Great company all around! Support small businesses.


This bar is always soothing, especially on my dry skin and nice before bed

Order never came

My order never arrived. I received tracking information with the delivery date and the next time I went to check it after the date had passed the tracking information was changed to “label created”. I emailed the company to inquire about the status of the order and received no response. My next communication from the company was a request for this review. Still no order received.

Soapman's Spice Brick
David N Carlson
Great soap

I have bought this soap for years. My wife (may she RIP). Had a problem that she would itch all over her whole body at times. Mama Mia's Eczema soap relived the itch very fast. I use this soap myself for flare up of Eczema. I bought 3 bricks of soap. 1 Mama Mia's and 2 Soapamans Spice. I have cut them into bars and they will be packed into suitcases and taken to my home in Thailand.

Best Castile Soap on the Market

Oregon Soap Company produces the best Castile soap on the market. As a first-time customer, I took a risk making a large order. Now I regret not purchasing more (it was a large order). Wonderful fragrance. I can tell the difference in the quality vs. another brand I have used for years. I purchased the soap for gifts and for me to stock up. You have a lifelong customer. You do not need to use too much to get the soap to lather up. I can immediately tell the quality of the soap on the very first use. I am shocked at the quality difference between Oregon Soap Company and another brand.

Amazing soap that we can’t live without!

The clove soap is our favorite. We take it on all our trips!

Best ever!

I love this soap. I have skin allergies so I really like this soap. It doesn’t melt and fall apart from sitting in the shower and my skin feels better after using it.

Great Option

This is the only soap that my husband will use - it's effective, smells great and is local!


I've been a customer for over 15 years and have recommended OSCo. to all the folks I know. The service is fantastic and the product is fabulous.

Thank you, Soapman!

I've been using Greg's soap for more than 25 years, and I remember when he made it in his basement on NE 22nd Ave. I have multiple skin issues, and this soap helps mitigate those issues. It's great soap. Use it.

Lavender Oatmeal Bar
Kurt Slipsager
L&O bar

All the varieties of Oregon soap I've used have been terrific, Lavender and Oatmeal is no exception! Mildly fragrant and exfoliating, this very refreshing soap will spoil you!

Wonderful baby soap!

Wonderful all natural soap for baby!

Patchouli Brick
Kristine Wear

The best patchouli soap on the planet!

Patchouli Bar
David Kloete
patchouli soap

not impressed at all with the soap I recently purchased. it does not leave a true patchouli scent on myself after bathing. i will not buy again ~

Good stuff

I believe, I found my favorite flavor shampoo bar. The peppermint and tea tree bar has a wonderful smell and of course, an excellent feel. I will buy it again, for sure.

We have used Oregon Soap Company products for years!

I keep several bars of “French Clay & Geranium”, as well as “Citrus Sunshine” foaming soap & refill, for our home & gifts. This soap is so gentle & moisturizing, and the scents are lovely, not overpowering. We have used them for years. Thank you so much for continuing to make these beautiful products, and replacing the 2 pump bottles that didn’t work - first time that has ever happened. Your loyal customer, Anne

Love the scent!

Refreshing scent & doesn’t leave my hand’s feeling dry.


Always what I order, always on time!! Miss living in Oregon and everything it offers, thank you!!

Rosemary Lavender Shampoo Brick
Hildegard Kleinhans

I was happy to find a product, which feels fabulous on my hair, leaves a soothing scent and doesn't come in plastic bottles

Wonderful soap

This is the first time we have bought the pound of assorted soaps. What a delight of such wonderful scents. Will be buying them again! Great gifts as well! Thank you Laura Laney

We love Oregon Soap Company

it feels so good to buy good local products in bulk and reuse soap dispensers. I look forward to washing my hands as it reminds me of one small aspect of my life that I feel I have figured out in this otherwise messed up world

Patchouli Bar
chris land
Best soap for summer itch

This soap brand is the only one that helps stop the rash on my forearms. THANK YOU