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Perfect, simple soap

Thank you for making a soap free of allergens, scents and other chemicals that are entirely unnecessary! The soap is perfectly smooth, and wonderful to use daily.

Citrus Sunshine Foaming
Zuli Mallinson
Good Stuff

One of the few luxuries we allow ourselves is foam soap already formulated and ready to go, and it is so lovely to purchase it in bulk to refill our glass dispensers, making our choice a little easier on the planet. So thrilled to have this local, responsible company to purchase from. Like Bronner’s, only better (& it seems milder on the skin too).

Tangermint Scrub Bar
Diana Geronimo
Great products and no waste!!

I love the smell and feel of these soaps. I get the bricks and cut it into bars for body soap and hand washing. I also get the shampoo brick for washing my hair. I love how the soap comes in only paper products. No plastic bottles or packaging to constantly empty and throw away!

Soapman's Spice Bar
Jacob Fryar

Great stuff

Love the Eczema Relief soap!

I love this stuff. Been using it since my sister lived in Oregon 20 years ago and she brought me some. I can't seem to find something on the East Coast I like quite as much. Smells wonderful and its gentle on my eczema prone skin. My 18 year old daughter likes to use it on her face. Doesn't dry her out too much and doesn't cause pimples.


soapman's spice and anise is my favorite that i even put them in my closet and linen drawer to keep them fresh after the wash.

Just what we expected

We’ve been Oregon Soap customers for years and figured it only made sense to try their dispensers. We were not disappointed!

great soap

great product

Love the foaming soaps & like this scent

Double Mint Bar
Roxy Tacy
Soap Review

Love the soap!! It is a soap that I have been able to use for years with no skin irritation. Thank you Oregon Soap Company!

Patchouli Brick
Mark Pagnoni
Groovy Soap

The soap is awesome. Patchouli soap is a Natural deterrent for Mosquitoes, Ticks, Bed Bugs. I go camping and fishing in the Northwoods all the time and anybody I go with that does not shower with Patchouli soap had many ticks, mosquito bites, and bed bugs. This is not a 1 time fluke. This has been going on for 20 years that I have used it.

Eczema Relief

To my surprise it appears to be helping on my face which I have only used on my face!

Love smell and non-drying

I really like the smell of the geranium foaming soap. The foam doesn’t dry out my hands and has a nice texture.

I am a repeat buyer.

Beats all competitors

Having tried several alternatives, we always find ourselves coming back to Oregon Soap Company’s foaming soap. The hand soap itself is consistently of high quality, and we have had excellent luck with the dispensers, compared to all others. On top of that, pricing is quite reasonable, and online orders are delivered promptly. Thanks to the team at Oregon Soap Company. Keep up the good work!

Clary Sage & Fir Liquid Castile

I haven’t tried this product yet. I do use your Sage & fir liquid hand soap and am very happy with it

Soapman's Spice Brick
Eric Sorensen
soapmans spice

best soap ever

Soapman's Spice is a Man's soap

I've been using Soapman's Spice for years now. It drives my wife crazy, and I like it too.

Best Soap

This is the best soap since we got to Oregon three years ago! We use it everyday...

Superb Soap

I love this soap - gentle effective cleansing with no artificial scent added!

Best scent of any soap

I love woodsy, herbaceous scents, and this soap is my absolute favorite. I buy it in bulk and gift it throughout the year.

Great soap!

I've been using this soap for a few years now. I still really like it. I've been really happy with ordering it directly from Oregon Soap Company, not least because of there super fast shipping.

French Clay

Love the gentleness of this soap as well as the lather.

Honey & Oatmeal Bar
Donna Delaney
Honey Oatmeal Bar Soap

Great soap without all the added "stuff".


This soap has a thi k creamy larger that. Feels so good on the face

Perfect remedy!

My husband has suffered from eczema for years and used topical creams which only kind of worked. After using this soap just a few times, his eczema is gone! He's been using it for many years and is eczema free.