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Frequently Asked Questions

Formulation Deposits

The deposit we need will vary depending upon the project. For bar soaps, we typically ask for $100-$500 per SKU. For all other projects, we will give you a price on a project by project basis after we have received the details about it from you.

Are there other fees besides the formulation fee?

Depending upon the product, there may be additional lab testing that needs to be done. We will discuss this with you if it’s determined that they will be needed

Will my products be Certified Organic?

Most of our products* are eligible for organic certification. There is minimum order of 640 bars per SKU, +$400 per SKU (for the lifetime of the product - unless changes are made to formula or artwork) for the initial certification cost and $100 for any additional SKUs certified at the same time, using the same base formula. Typically takes 2-4 weeks once we receive your art work.

*Except for French Clay and Geranium

What happens after you receive my deposit?

Once we receive your deposit, we’ll schedule a meeting between you and our formulator to exchange ideas, then we’ll get supplies ordered, come up with a preliminary formulation, and get started making samples.

How long will it take to make samples?

Depending upon which supplies need to be ordered and which ones we already have in house, it could take 4-8 weeks to get the first round of samples. Eight weeks would be very rare, but sometimes it can take FOREVER, or what seems like forever, to get raw material samples.

Our lab will probably make several rounds of samples before we have anything to show you. Since this is a unique and original product, we’ll take our best ‘guess’ at the ratios and ingredients that will work, but it will likely take several formula modifications before we have something that will (hopefully) perform to your specifications. Once we get close, we’ll get you samples to test.

What happens after I give you feedback abut the first round of samples?

Once we receive your feedback, we’ll do another round of samples, and give them to you for testing. Since we’ll have the raw materials in stock at that point, successive rounds of samples can be made faster than the first round.

Can I find out how much time and money you've spent on my project so far?

As we progress through the formulation phase, you can ask us at any point how much time we’ve spent on it so far so you can see how your deposit is holding up.

How much will I need to buy of the finished product?

Once you’ve approved samples, we can work up a price for you. For most products, manufacturing less than 500-1000 units per SKU ends up being too expensive due to high freight and packaging costs. With this project, the minimum amount we can make might be higher if there are some unique ingredients that we don’t carry in house that have high minimum order requirements. Once again, we won’t know until we really get into it.

When will I know how much the finished product is going to cost?

As we progress through the formulation phase, you can ask us at any point how much time we’ve spent on it so far so you can see how your deposit is holding up.

Can I provide my own packaging?

Most of our customers provide their own packaging, but we are happy to source it for you if you need quantities of 5,000 pieces or more.

How do I get the packaging designed?

Most of our customers work with their own graphic designer. We’d recommend that you find somebody, preferably in your area whose previous work inspires and excites you.

If I purchase my own packaging, can you store the excess for me?

Yes, we can store excess packaging for you for a nominal fee.

Can you store the finished product for me and drop ship to my customers?

We would be happy to introduce you to a local order fulfillment company that can do this for you.

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