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What is Lye?

The process of creating soap has not changed much in 4,800 years since the ancient Egyptians pioneered a similar method. A natural process, it is known as saponification. A key ingredient in this is lye, but do you know how it is used?

There are a lot of myths about this product, though we can sort the fact from fiction. Read on as we answer the question "What is lye?"

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Why We Use Biodegradable Packing Peanuts
Let's talk packing peanuts! The Oregon Soap Company is always striving to take an extra step forward to protect our Earth! If you have ordered our soap before, you may have noticed that sometimes we use packing peanuts to protect...
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The Importance of Sustainable And Organic Palm Oil
Several years ago, the founders of Palm Done Right went to Ecuador and started working with small, family owned farms that were already growing conventional palm oil to help them transition to growing organic. The farms I visited were growing many things there—banana’s, pineapple, passion fruit, cacao, and rubber! They are ‘multi-cropping’ rather than ‘mono-cropping’, which creates a much healthier environment and is sustainable.
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