Our Mission

Here at the Oregon Soap Company, we've dedicated ourselves to leaving the Earth cleaner than we found it. In partnership with Friends Of Trees and Trees for the Future, we have planted over 774,470 trees and other native plants since November 2007. We believe that each worker should be valued, and that our work should support the life's purpose of everyone involved in our business.



Friends of Trees

Certified Organic by Oregon Tilth

Green-E Energy Certified
Blue Sky Renewable Energy by Pacific Power

Pacific Power

For over 14 years, we have been sponsoring tree plantings with Friends of Trees and Trees For the Future.

It’s a feel-good kind of thing that fills us with gratitude for the work we get to do, and the lives we live.

Planting trees not only offsets the carbon emissions produced by Oregon Soap Company's daily business operations but also the greenhouse gases produced by the growing and transporting of its raw materials and final castile soap, brick soap, and foaming soap products.

Oregon Soap Company Founder Gregg Arnell, said, "These days carbon neutral is not enough. If we are to have any chance of recovering from the increasing degradation of our natural environment, which is our life support system, each one of us must very quickly become carbon negative, which is to say, that our actions absorb more greenhouse gases than they generate.

Oregon Soap Company has made millions of bars of soap since its inception in 1994. The soap is certified organic, made with renewable energy.

"For many years I have had the dream of creating a nonprofit organization that plants trees and helps to restore wild areas. When I discovered Friends of Trees, I was elated because somebody else had already created it. I look forward to working with Friends of Trees and Trees for the Future for years to come," says Gregg.