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Extremely versatile and a little goes a long way- my house smells like this now and it is amazing :)

Aloe Baby Wash Foaming
Hershel Klein
Aloe Baby Wash Foaming order

Love the product, but wish you had different prices for shipping based upon delivery speed.

Fantastic, reliable


Excellent product

A good opportunity to support a local business.

Double mint double great

Love the Double Mint liquid soap for sure. The scene is fabulous,?the fact that it is concentrated is awesome and makes this product a fantastic value. A wonderful hand soap for every sink in our house.

French Clay

Awesome soap!

GREAT soap!

If you like foaming soap and lavender scent this hands down is the best! I use several times daily. Product has a wonderful not over powering lavender scent and hands feel soft, though not soft like lotion. The foaming soap lathers up easily and rinses off without residue. I keep ordering it, and give out as gifts. Online shopping is easy and convenient and company is well organized, product order to delivery less than one week! GREAT product!

Delivered in a timely mannered as described.

Bought for a Christmas present after the recipient loved the hand soap I had.

Awesome deal!

That was an awesome deal! I'm so glad I got in on that! We found you at the Oregon Country Fair a few years ago. The scents are perfect not too overwhelming.

Always quick delivery and alway great soap

Double Mint Bar
Army Letty
Smells great, what is it?

Loved all the products I ordered but nothing was labeled or marked. So I couldn’t tell if it was shampoo bar or body soap or both!

Always been my favorite!

Tried many other of your fine soaps from oatmeal to mints but always come back t my favorite!

Secret soap savings

I've used Oregon soap co. products for 25 years and can't imagine not having them around, the prepacked "scraps" are great for travel or for just having a little bar in the kitchen or wherever. The soap lasts much longer than you might think and never turns into a slimy mess in a soap dish or travel container. It also doesn't hurt that the savings are massive versus buying the full sized bars, I save those for the shower and for gifting!

Great soap

Oregon Soap, makes great soap with unique scents. Environmentally conscious small business that feels great to support.

Aloe Baby Wash Foaming
Steve Shaffer
great soap

I buy this a case at a time. very gentle on your hands and doesn't stink like perfume.

Patchouli Bar
Jill Leight-Sklar
Wake up bar

Reminds me of the 60s. Patchouli was a big scent then. Very refreshing and invigorating Great for your morning shower or bath


It smells amazing and cleans Great. Thank you for a wonderful product

Pacific NW Lavender Foaming
Priscilla Westesen
Love but…. labels?

Wonderful mild fragrance soaps!
But 6 bars wrapped in light brown paper with no OR soap co label or indication what kind of soap. I’ll gift to 5 others in a group and the label would have looked cool and been good advertisement.
I do love the soap!

Best Soap!!

I love this soap, especially the smell!

Zesty Lemongrass Bar
Jill Leight-Sklar
Many uses

My husband uses all natural lemongrass shampoo. It handles all scalp issues and stops dandruff. It has many medicinal uses when taken internally. Will keep germs at bay

Best of all worlds

I love these. You get To try a new bar quickly. As well all these soap do have lasting power

Honey & Oatmeal Bar
Jill Leight-Sklar
Moisturizer and exfoliator

Great bar. Oatmeal exfoliates dead skin cells and honey moisturized. Great option

Tangerine Dream Bar
Jill Leight-Sklar
Luscious fruit

Tangerine is a great scent. I find it very soothing. Givev it a try

French Clay & Geranium Bar
Jill Leight-Sklar
Great bar

Love this soap. Clay great for skin and geranium an invigorating scent

Pure magic

How do you take castor , sunflower, safflower etc and make it as refreshing as a seaside walk through the grassy dunes of an Oregon Beach? Easy wash your hands in lemongrass zinger!