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Awesome soap!

Soap is great quality and shipping is fast !

Gentle yet effective

The aloe wash is my favorite of their line-up. Yes, I love scents, but something about this odorless soap makes me feel cleaner than the other soaps. It is really divine, and does a great job at foaming and cleaning. I use it to clean medical equipment which can't be exposed to harsh ingredients, and this certainly fits the bill.

Good stuff!

I have bought soap from Oregon Soap Com[any for years and I love them. I try to go back to store brands, but the scents are so perfumed. Your soaps always smell like I'm in an English garden and I love it!

Pacific NW Lavender Foaming
Dominique Chamberlain
Excellent soap

I can only recommend to you to use Oregon soap products. All are beautiful soaps and they smell very good too.

really Good Soap

Oregon Soap Co Liquid Castile soap has been my shower soap for ten years.i was sold on the product first time i used it.can be used as laundry and dish soap, even washing the car.

The best value and scent!

Picked up a small 8oz foamer at the local co op and my life was forever changed! We've been purchasing the gallon jugs of clary sage and fir foaming soap concentrate for a year now and it's the best - saves money, plastic, and smells like a delightful walk through the forest every time we wash our hands (which is a lot in COVID times)! Even gifted some to my dad for his birthday. Very happy to have found this product.


I have been a customer now for years. I usually get the "mama Mia" blend. I went a bit crazy and tried this new blend. I love it!

Citrus Sunshine Foaming
Viviane Tallman
Terrific hand soap for my vacation rental

I appreciate that I can buy this product in bulk and refill the containers, saving plastic and packaging. The pump bottles are appropriate for use by guests in my rental, and better all the way around than individually wrapped soaps. Plus the foaming soap really cleans and I love the natural smell!

Love your soap…love your Refills!

We love your organic foaming hand soap - and even more, we love that we can get the large refill containers so we’re reducing plastics in our environment. I wish we could move to all-glass options..any chance of that? Thank you!

Lavender Comfrey Brick
Carolina Rojas
Lavender Comfrey

Very soothing and calming. Not overwhelming scent. Super light exfoliation and biodegradable, doesn’t clog drain. Skin loves it. Feel thought clean.

Zesty Lemongrass
Carolina Rojas

Zesty Lemongrass is zesty which is refreshing in morning showers because it’s invigorating. The natural content exfoliates gently and releases aroma from its natural fibers. Does not clog the drain and biodegradable.

Honey & Oatmeal Bar
Kerry Andrews
The BEST natural soap

This is the best soap I have ever used. I love the bars and is wonderfully gentle.

Great shampoo

Best shampoo ever -Love the lather. And no plastic bottle!

Happy With My Purchase!

My Wife has been using your Soap and has been pleased with the results; although she does not have eczema, she appreciates the natural quality of the Shop and we will be making purchases in the future!

Love it

Great lemongrass scent with just a hint of ginger. Smells amazing and leaves everything feeling fresh & clean

Fresh and clean

This has has a very clean and pleasant citrus smell. I use it for dishes and household cleaning diluted with water in a spray bottle

Love the smell

This is my favorite soap - the Anise smell is strong and use it for everything including washing the dishes - super gentle on my hands.


This soap is wonderful for my sensitive skin. I use it as hands soap and as a shower soap. My family loves this soap. It's lovely!

My Go-To All Purpose Soap

I use this liquid castile soap for virtually everything soap can be used for. Delicate laundry, shower, one ingredient in homemade everyday household cleaner, and foaming dispenser refills to name a few. The smell is sensational and stays true to smell even when diluted. I can say this about all of the liquid castile scents, however, this one is particularly lovely.

Forest Bar
Janelle Cuddeford
Love the Smell and Exfoliation

You know when you find the perfect soap that compliments your body chemistry? This bar is that for me. Well-formulated. My skin feels smooth and fresh with no left-over, hard to rinse off residue. True love for your body.

Mama Mia's Eczema Relief Brick

Great soap, smells good, great on the skin.

Soapman's Spice Brick
Jennifer Stahl
soapmans spice

This is my favorite soap. Love it. Smells wonderful. Please dont stop making it.

Great value!

This is my favorite soap of Oregon Soap Company and I love the savings of being able to buy it a brick at a time. I am picky about the quality of the soap I use and this soap is as good or better than any more expensive soap I have purchased at gift shops and craft fairs. The brick was easily cut into bars. They smell wonderful, lather perfectly and are a delight to my skin! I look forward becoming a long time customer.

Love the scraps!

This is such a wonderful idea! I love having an assortment and the price is right. Each little bar was a happy surprise. I will definitely be ordering these again.

Forest Bar
Matthew Leman
Great soap with only 1 problem

The soap is great quality! I often order multiple bars which come unlabled. That's the only problem. I have to use the smell test to figure out which ones are which and I don't have a very discerning sense of smell when it's through the wrapping paper.