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Truely Unscented.... truely lovely!!!

Dear Oregon Soap Company, Many thanks for creating your incredible "Truly Unscented" Bar soap. I have never in my 50 years been so completely satisfied with "ANY" soaps or shampoos. I was recently given a bar as a gift and I use it as a shampoo too. I have been completely corrupt by your product, and I have managed to convince my husband,a former "Irish Spring" loyalist to convert as well. Congratulations for a superb product! Sincerely, JD

Lifetime Customer!

Keep up the outstanding work. I have been buying your soap in bulk for the last 5 years and you have earned my lifetime loyalty. Great product, great company, and I just feel good every time I support your company and use your product. PS thanks for the 15% discount I just used it to purchase 50 bars of soap. You are the best.

Vancouver, WA

Great soap for sensitive baby skin!

Dear Soapman,
Thank you for your wonderful product! We've been using your foaming baby wash on our 3 & 5 year old boys for several weeks now, and their skin has never been softer or completely rash free, as it is now. We have struggled from the time they were newborns to find products that won't cause their very sensitive and highly allergenic skin to rash. I cannot express the relief we feel to have finally found something so gentle. This has been a truly welcome product in our home and we'll continue to use it well into the future.

Within an hour of using the bath wash for the first time, I was back at New Seasons to purchase your foaming hand soap and bulk bar soaps for my husband and myself. We are equally as pleased with these products. Thank you so very much!

In gratitude,
J. Cornie

We love your soap!

I just wanted to say what a wonderful product you provide! We have been using your soap for three years now and wouldn't dream of using anything else. Normally we use Soapman's Spice and Mama Mia's, but this last time at the market, we picked up a few different scents. We absolutely love the Carribean Bay Rum! Thank you for changing our skin and for your effort to change the world!

Shelli West & Damon Huerd
Longview, WA

A Visit to One of Portland's Cottage Industries- A hilarious account of one woman's mission for soap

A Visit to One of Portland's Cottage Industries
This is not a good way to start out the day. You get in the shower, reach into the soap dish, and come up empty handed. This is what happened to me yesterday. Rather than splattertrack out to the hall closet to scavenge some of B's inferior soap, I made do with what I could find within the confines of the shower stall, and thus ended up seriously depleting my supply of molto expensivo face soap.

Soon after I got out of the shower, I took steps to make sure that never happened again. Scented handmade soap is one of the few girly luxuries I indulge in. So I called up one of my favorite local vendors, the Oregon Soap Company, and placed an order. Since I normally buy their soap at the Saturday Market, I had no idea that their secret headquarters were mere blocks from my house! They told me to come on over—just look for the house with two VW buses parked outside it.

Even without the Deadheadmobiles out front, there would have been no way I would have missed Soap Central. I could smell it 500 feet away—and I mean that in a good way. I rang the doorbell and was greeted by two barking dogs and the Soapmaster Royale himself--a friendly guy in Birkenstocks who wears his grey hair in two waist-length braids.

He took me around the side and had me wait next to one of the buses while he got the keys, giving me ample time to confirm that all the bumper stickers I would expect to see on a VW bus were indeed there. I was stoked! I couldn’t wait to enter the nerve center where I fully expected to see burbling cauldrons of hemp oil and lye and to be knocked loopy by megapotent doses of almond, cinnamon, and lavender essential oils. It was not to be. They weren’t making soap that day, so all the nerve center contained were boxes and boxes of finished soap. The Soapmaster handed me my order, then swiped it back again to swap out a bar he deemed imperfect (looked fine to me). He then asked me if I really needed the small shipping box my six bars were in. Of course, I didn’t I agreed. This is Portland—where we don’t squander boxes on soap that is only traveling a few blocks.

Despite the fact that I didn’t get to witness soap being concocted, I have to say that I enjoyed every aspect of the way the transaction was carried out.

from the blog

note from Soapman-- " I don't have grey hair....yet!"

A customer for life!

Dear Soapman,

Your new website looks great! I have been using your Honey Oatmeal soap for almost eight years now, and would not even consider putting anything else on my face. Before using your soap, I used body wash, thinking it was more gentle on my skin. A friend gave me a bar of your soap for my birthday-- I ran out of my liquid soap, and reluctantly tried your bar soap. WOW! It last's so long, and I just love the way it feels. Have you ever considered making shampoos?

Shannon Fields
Davis, CA

Dear Shannon,
We're currently working on liquid soap. Check back in 6 months!


Soapman's Spice


I picked up some of your Soapman's Spice soap at Saturday Market in Portland, and I love it. I work in construction, and get really dirty. It works really well, and my wife says she loves the way I smell. Where do you sell in Seattle?

Bob Petersen

Dear Bob,
Check our our "buy soap page" to find retailers in Seattle. Thanks for your patronage!




I bought five of your soaps this past weekend at the Green Festival in
Chicago. They're INCREDIBLE. For the past few years I have tried easily
"dozens" of homemade soaps, and even the supposed "high end" stuff sold at
health food stores. If only I had known of your soaps first - I could have
saved a fortune! They are the best. My skin has never looked and felt this
good. I'm a customer for life. I am wondering if you have ever made or
considered making a shave soap?


Dear Joe,
Thanks! You can easily use our soap in a shaving mug by cutting the bar in half with a butter knife and putting it in your shaving mug. Happy shaving!


The best soap in Israel!

January 5, 2007

Dear Soapman,

Your soaps, as I have said to the soap elf girl that answered the phone, is the best soap in Israel (when it is here in my possession)!

You know, for about five or six years now I have been using your soap, and I (and all that smell me when I am freshly bathed) am so ridiculously satisfied, it's unbelievable. When I run out because my ex girlfriend in Portland gets mad at me for something or other and stops sending me a steady supply, my skin breaks out and becomes almost instantly more oily. No store in Israel, no matter how "organic," "natural," or whatever, has managed to sell me a bar of soap as satisfying and good feeling as that which you have been providing me with for years. Thank you sooooo much!

What with how much I have enjoyed it, and have taken my re-upping so seriously, I knew from the beginning that you would grow into something big, and that others would appreciate it at least as much as I do. I am really glad to see that you are branching out, growing, and are being blessed with good business even outside of Oregon.

Thanks again, and best of luck to you and your elves, Soapman!

Yours devoted customer,
Eric Judkowitz

Dear Eric,

Thanks! I’m glad you like the soap. We do our best to keep you happy and clean!


I keep soap in my car because I love the fragrance!

This is really awesome soap. My kids love it and it leaves such a fantastic smell in the house even before using it.
The Fuzetto Family
Brentwood, CA

we're so clean

We purchased 8 bars of a variety of scents from the Oregon Soap Company and we have used their soaps for the past few years. We first found this company at the San Francisco Green Festival. We were disappointed last year when they were not here. We love so many products and services here, that it is hard to pick just one to write about, but we do feel that this is a very high quality product. It keeps us clean all year round!

Hans K.

Eczema Soap

Dear Soapman,

My ten year old son has had severe eczema problems since he was a baby, and nothing we have tried has ever worked. A friend of our was visiting Portland and picked up a bar of your Mama Mia's Eczema Relief, and withing a week, he was a new kid! He has never worn short sleeve shirts before because of it, and now he is wearing tank tops! Thanks for making such a great product. We'll be customers for life.


Jackie Thompson
Lawrence, Kansas

Dry Skin Relief

To Whom it May Concern,

I have been using your "Lavender Comfrey" soap for almost a year now, and I have to say, it is the best soap I've ever used. I have always had extremely dry skin, and have used lot's of more expensive soaps. Since I started using your soap, my dry skin has completly disappeared-- I don't even need to use moisturizer! Don't ever stop making soap!

Sante Fe, NM

Your Soap lasts forever!

Hi Happy Soapeople!

I bought a bar of your soap from Whole Foods awhile ago. I was amazed to discover how long it last! I use it at least once per day, and it's been over a month now and it doesn't look like it's gotten any smaller. It doesn't make a big mess in my shower like other soaps do either. I've used just about every soap out there, and your's is by far the best. What is your secret? Keep up the good work!


Roberta Morrow
Portland, OR

Dear Roberta,
Thats good to hear. Thanks for you continued support. Oh- we could tell you our secrets, but then they wouldn't be secrets anymore!




Dear Oregon Soap Company,

Last year I bought some of your soap from the University Street Fair in Seattle. I have never used "organic" soap, but I am very impressed by how suddsy your soap was, and also how long the scent lasted in the bar. It smelled great down to the last tiny piece! I also liked that it didn't crack and fall apart towards the end. Since trying your soap, I have tried other similiar soaps, but nothing compares to yours. I have since bought them online and given them as gifts to my friends. I thought I'd seen everything, so your soap was a pleasant suprise.


Gloria Sanchez
Seattle, WA